Saturday, April 11, 2020

How to increase the volume above 100% in Linux 2019

Welcome back today I will show you how to increase volume settings above 100% in Linux.Warning only exceeds volumes your speakers can handle.

How To Change MAC Address On Kali Linux 2019

MAC Address generally called as Multimedia Access Control, and you should change your MAC Address before to do any hacking activity through Kali Linux so that no one can...

Kali Linux Keyboard Shortcuts 2019

List of keyboard shortcuts for Kali Linux . You can customize shortcut keys by clicking Applications > Usual applications > System Tools > Preference > Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts.

Create Bootable USB Kali Linux On Windows 2019

Ever wondered how to create Linux USB installer?To install Windows |  Linux | Anti-virus Rescue Disks from a single USB  stick.I will cover...
How to Hack into Someone’s WhatsApp With or Without Using an App ?

How to Hack into Someone’s WhatsApp With or Without Using an App?

We all love WhatsApp. From chatting to sharing stuff to gossiping in groups, it has all the features to be our favorite communication app. Knowing about someone’s WhatsApp account...

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