Hey, guys, I am back with a tutorial as per excess request for wifi hacking hers is it how to crack a WIFI anonymously and you will always get it! always! but there is one thing that might suck for people.


  • Kali Linux
  • Fluxion ( Tool)
  • Some Patience And Mind

Ok, so how does fluxion work?
Fluxion is gonna
do 2 attacks:

  1. Deauthentication alias Deauth
  2. Fake AP
  • De-authentication- The attack will send hundreds or thousands of deauthentications packets to a target to kick him/her out of the WIFI you can even kick all the users on it.
  • Fake AP- AP: It stands for Access Point when you connect to a WIFI, at the time when you connect to the AP of the router so like the login page of it. So fluxion will clone the WIFI by his handshake and create a Fake AP so the users will connect to it thinking its the real WIFI alias AP but Nah it’s not the password will be sent that back to us i mean to you.

How will the attack go?

  • Fluxion will start capturing the handshake between the WIFI like the MAC address(MAC addresses looks like this “2E:K4:C4:5T”) after that he captures it he knows how the AP looks like etc so he will clone it and do next actions.
  • After that this will kick everyone who is connected with the WIFI by the Deauthentication on everyone, then they will connect back to the AP thinking they are a connection back to the WIFI big mistake the password they type will send back to you, that’s all. ; )
  • Fluxion is a smart tool.

Lets install Fluxion!

1. step: Open your terminal and type this cd Desktop it should say this “root@examplename:~/Desktop#”

2. Then type git clone https://github.com/FluxionNetwork/fluxion .
step: Wait for it to clone and download on your desktop….

3. Ok now do cd fluxion or whatever the file is named it should say “root@examplename:~/Desktop/fluxion#”.

4. Then dols and it should have a file call fluxion.sh so do ./fluxion.sh if it says “Permission denied” do chmod +x fluxion.sh then do fluxion.sh

There now let’s get this attack done!

So launch it by doing fluxion.sh like we did it before.

1. Select your channel, channel means WIFI.
2. Select the WIFI you wanna crack.
3. Now select the “FakeAP – Hostapd (Recommended)” as its the best for crack.
4. Then select the handshake that you wanna use. (Recommended) to select “pyrit“.
5. Select your capture handshake select to the “Deauth all“.
6. Now you need to wait until it will capture the handshake so when it’s done it should have some “WPA handshake:” somewhere and after that “handshake:” it would have a MAC address like this “68:C4:4D:85:AC:B8”.
7. After that select “Check handshake“.
8. After this select “Create an SSL certificate” 
9. Then select “Web Interface“
10. Select the language of the page which you feel better and will be in.
11. Then wait until he/she will log in and type the password of the WiFi after that BOOM! hacked…..

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