In this tutorial, we will use the Social Engineering tool i.e Credential Harvester attack in Kali Linux.
All you need to do is follow the tutorial as it is to see the Credentials Harvester into the action.


It is a part of SOCIAL ENGINEERING TOOLKIT. In this method, the attack started with the creation of a phishing page. Attacker set the post back IP address to receive the credentials like usernames and passwords. The attacker can shorten the IP address to make the IP address looks like a genuine URL. When the victim visits the URL and feeds the login details, the postback feature of the page will send all the data to the attacker.


1. Boot up Kali Linux on your machine and open terminal.

2. Type this command in the Kali Linux terminal.

 root@kali~# setoolkit

3. Enter ‘y’ to agree to the social engineering toolkit terms and conditions.

4. Select the following options one by one from the menu

  ‘1’ (Social Engineering Attacks) then

‘2’(Website Attack Vectors) then 

  ‘3’(Credential Harvester Attack) then

5. Type ‘2’ (Site cloner)

set:webattack> IP address for the post back in (your ip address) 

set:webattack>Enter the URL to clone:

6. Go to  Places > Computer > VAR > WWW and move all the files from www folder to HTML folder.

7.  Shorten your IP address with and send it to the victim. When the victim opens the link and enters the login details, you will get the username and password in a harvester text file which is located at Places > Computer > VAR > WWW.


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