You may be searching on Google about How to Hide the Last Name on Facebook or make a Single Name Account on Facebook? Well, here is a simple method explaining how to make a single(First) name account on Facebook. Interestingly only Indonesian peoples are officially allowed to have single name accounts on facebook as most of them have only one name, i.e first name. That’s the reason Facebook officially allows them to have a single name facebook account.

So to make a single name account on facebook we have to pretend that we are from Indonesia. Because only Indonesians are legally eligible to have this single name accounts on facebook. I hope you understood the logic! So now it’s your wish whether you want to perform this trick or not. I will skip all these warning steps and will directly move on to the guide

Steps to Follow:

#1: From your Mozilla Firefox browser, open your Facebook account and go to                               “General Account Setting

#2:Change language settings to “Bahasa Indonesia”

#3: Go to 

#4: Select Proxy country->”Indonesia“, port->”8080” & click Update results. In general, the proxy address will in this format –> Now you have to change your Firefox browser proxy as shown below,

Go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings

In ‘Settings’ select “Manual proxy configuration:” – paste the proxy & port-8080 which you just got from above link and check the box “Use this proxy server for all protocols” and finally click OK in the settings dialog box

#6: Now open Name settings on your Facebook. Simply remove your last name or leave it as empty and then click ‘Save Changes‘.

Wow, You just made Single Name Account on your Facebook

#7: Now you need to change your Language settings back to “English“ from “Bahasa Indonesia

#8: After completing all the above steps, remove Manual proxy configuration’ in Firefox Settings and select “Use system proxy setting

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