Today in this post going to share VPN tricks for the most entertaining and lovable mobile game PUBG. Yes friends, as I know every youngster spending most of their time playing PUBG mobile game a day. Looks like its became an addiction achieving ranks to being a pro player, which can identified rather by his/her playing skill or by outfits and skins he/she has.

So keeping that scenario in the mind, myself in this post will let you know how to get pubg mobile free items, crates, gun skins and much more using latest VPN tricks. We will help you to get free items, classic premium pubg crates, various types of cool and awesome helmet gun skins either for free or by spending very small amount of money.

HOW TO GET FREE PUBG GUN SKINS & CRATES :  There are mainly two ways, or we can say tricks that can allow you to own free skins and crates as below.

  1. By using different server locations with VPN Tricks
  2. Complete achievements assigned particular to your account

To understand how it properly works, below we are sharing step wise guide that will help you all without any hesitation !! We request you to read post carefully so you get what you tried in a single shot, and can spend some more time at pubg afterward.

Download PUBG VPN Apps :

  1. Moded Express VPN (New Mod Updated)
  2. Moded HotSpotShield VPN.
  3. Moded FLY VPN

1. PUBG Mobile Latest VPN Tricks


Go to event section and then to time limited events, at the end you’ll see gold rush event open it. Click on the right bottom corner and collect the surprise.


Get awesome gun skins on all the guns for next 30 days and lots of pubg crate coupon scraps and crates easily using the event, go and check now.

Check time limited tab to enter this event Also check all the tabs at challenge event page.


Get daily 2 Supply Crate Coupons and 3 Premium Crate Coupon Scrap for absolutely free guys.

  • Download any VPN from the link above (Skip if already installed previously – Express VPN recommended)
  • Find and connect the server to “TURKEY”
  • Now go to event section and check “Happy Holidays”, you’ll see upon completing 4 matches in any mode you’ll get the items we mentioned earlier
  • Keep the server connected and complete 4 matches in “ARCADE” mode, let me tell you win or lose doesn’t matter as reward is for completing the match.
  • Share this blog if you like it and enjoying stay tuned for more such loot vpn server tricks and offers.


Get free 300 RP points, 3 classic scrap coupons, 3 trails, 1 upgrade material and two tees for absolutely free. This offer expires on 13th August

  • Download any VPN from the link above (Skip if already installed previously)
  • Find and connect to the server “Taiwan”
  • Open pubg mobile and go to event section and click to “Valentine Weekend : Log In Reward”
  • Login consecutively for the next 7 days to get all the reward mentioned above


You gonna get free outfits, M416 gun skin, classic coupon scrap, premium crate coupon scrap, silver frags and bp. Just follow the simple instructions to get ’em all in your pubg mobile inventory This offer expires on 14th August

  • Download & Install Any of VPN from above (I tried on expressvpn)
  • Find and Connect the server to “Israel”
  • Go to event section and tab on Time Limited menu and You’ll see “Puzzles for Gifts”
  • Go through the event once daily. You just need to login daily to get a random puzzle.

I hope you enjoying our blog to get the latest pubg mobile VPN tricks… Stay tuned for more !!


With this server you’ll get 9 premium crate coupon scraps and 4 rp mission cards just for login consecutively for 7 days..

  • Download & Install Any VPN Application (Download from Above)
  • Connect to “Germany” server and open pubg mobile game
  • Now go to even section, find ” Summer Login Streak”
  • Visit daily and collect total 9 premium coupon scraps and 4 rp mission cards in 7 days

Stay tuned for latest vpn tricks.


You just have to login consecutively for 7 days, and have to collect “Star Fish” everyday and redeem ’em for any of SCARL GUN SKIN and many more explained below..

  • Connect to “TAIWAN” server using any free vpn app (few app link’s provided above)
  • Open pubg mobile, go to “Event” section and select “Under the Sea: Login Rewards”
  • Login for 7 days and collect starfish and then redeem ’em for free items in “Under the Sea: Starfish”
  • There few more option that can give you more starfish, check “Stay Online”, “Squad Up” & “Team Deatch Match” opton under the event option

Stay tuned for more events and VPN tricks.

Offer is valid till 31st July 2019

  • Go to “Event” section and navigate to “Time Limited” tab
  • Then choose “Alen Walker”event and go through it
  • Collect the finished tasks and get freebies respectively.

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